Review: William Edge’s we.Spa – Elements of Nature

I had a gift card to William Edge’s we.Spa for my birthday, and I felt like the perfect time to go was the Saturday before Nashville’s music industry awards week! I had not been to this spa before, so I was ready to try it out to look at their packages and overall space.

It’s not a spa though were you go and sit in a peaceful room, hop in the sauna or hot tub, or take a relaxing shower. This is more of a walk in, change to your robe, walk to your room – and your done! You aren’t going to spend all day here, unless you want to give some attention to your hair in the hair salon section.

“At we.SPA, we offer therapeutic massage services that range from essential to advanced to specialized and are fully customizable to your wellness needs. If you are looking to release the stress from a long day, get the knots out of your sore neck or give back to a body that you have been neglecting, we have a treatment that is just right for you.”

If that’s what you want for your experience that day, this place is a must go.

Here’s an excerpt about the spa treatment I picked:

“we.ELEMENTS OF NATURE – A personalized massage treatment that is based on your body type and follows the guidelines of the Aveda Elemental Nature philosophy. Specific products and aromas of your choice will be used throughout the session to increase your circulation and release stored toxins.”

I picked the 9am slot, so I was first one there to get in. Always excited for a spa day! The ladies at the front were so hospitable. I waited in the first section as you come in. Once it was my turn to go back, I went to their changing room, where my massage therapist – Crystal – greeted me with a robe and shoes. After changing, she walked me to my room where I would enjoy an hour and 45 minutes of bliss!

Once inside the room, I was treated to a quick foot soak and scrub. We talked about areas that needed attention during the massage, which for me is always my shoulders. I hold all of my stress there. And combined with the fact I’m hunched over my computer for hours at a time, it should be no surprise that’s the tightest area on my body.

Then, she will ask what element of nature I would like for the massage, and I picked air. My skin was a little drier than normal, but may main concern in any regimen for my skin is always the visible signs of aging. On Aveda’s site I found a little more about this one –

“Your nature has a creative mind. You learn new information rapidly, but tend to forget things easily. When balanced, you are inventive, energetic, open to new experiences, adaptable and a great conversationalist. When out of balance—anxious, talking too fast and too much, forgetful and indecisive.”
(Even for 9am in the morning, I nailed it! This is most definitely me!)

She let me smell a few options, and I picked the tangerine scent- and man it hit the spot! She finished each with peppermint scent too which was a nice sweet way to end the aromatherapy experience.

The massage was wonderful, each area got attention with the right amount of pressure, and she added additional lotions to my hands and feet because I had mentioned they were pretty dry! And, I can sometimes get really cold during a massage, but she was so quick to ask and adjust I was rarely ever even chilled!

The spa is easy to navigate and just enough to make your Saturday spectacular. I know mine was!