Project: Making Furniture Beach Friendly | Part 1

Did I mention how excited I am to move back to the beach!? I can’t even believe it’s happening, and so quickly! I’ll be within 2.5 hrs of my family and have found a brand new apartment. It is very simply decorated with whites and grays; so, after much thought, my black and red motif is not going to work. While I have loved my elegant black furniture, super cute red couch and that beautiful painting of the couple dancing on the beach, I felt like it will just be too harsh for the beach.

Time for, that’s right, a make-over.  Be still my little DIY heart! Nothing that a can of paint can’t fix, but I did want to do this pretty quickly, as I am moving the the beach to frolic in the sand after all!

Part 1

Let’s start with the black furniture. Best bet, paint it all white. Maybe a little lighter to make give it an antique finish or have some sandpaper on standby. Easy. Why not stop on the way to Destin on the interstate? So that’s just what I did. I pulled over in Prattville and marched into Home Depot, determined to shake my color scheme up!  I found a flat matte paint, and picked out white.

Back at my parents’ house, the paint brushes and rollers came out, and the transformation began. Dad had some old tarp that he laid out on the barn floor, and I got busy!  I did have to apply two coats of paint to all my furniture, but it really looks great. The lamp was probably the hardest, and if you hit it just right it will chip. But all in all, the furniture with the new paint survived the move. Dad remembered to bring some extra paint when we unpacked in Destin, and did a few touch up jobs.

The only addition I will have is some cute new hardware for the drawers!

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Project: Cute Barstools

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Now that I have this cute kitchen in my new apartment, I wanted to give my bar stools a little update. I’ve seen a few people cover their chairs on Pinterest and loved it! The biggest decision I found was to pick out the fabric! This project is a little tedious but incredibly easy if you have a staple gun. I already had these super cute bar stools that fit perfectly in my small space, but I wanted to give them a little more character with a pretty piece of fabric…and make them a little more comfortable too!

Supplies needed:

  • Cute Fabric
  • Old Bar stools
  • Staple Gun
  • Foam (I used a mattress pad and cut it up)

I visited Joanna’s Fabric store – another dangerous store for my little DIY heart – and the fabric I feel in love with was of course on sale that day! DONE! It’s a pretty thick fabric, which I also used to cover the ottoman in my bedroom. I spent a total of $90 on the fabric (I know – a little expensive) BUT again I’ve used it on multiple projects! The bar stools I was re-doing were in my Nashville apartment already, so that was no cost to me at all. I found a foam mattress pad in Walmart (on special markdown) for $7. Although that was much more foam than I needed, I wanted to allow for mistakes and decided I could probably make a few pillows out of the leftovers! I borrowed my dad’s staple gun, and after a few practice tries I had it all figured out.

*Side note – I did have a little trouble when I tried to reload the staple gun. I called my dad and I told him I broke it. Have I told you guys I can be a bit dramatic? After finding a YouTube video, I discovered I had loaded the staples in backwards. After another call to my parents and a few good laughs, I turned the staples around to their correct position, and was ready to continue stapling!

This was a pretty tedious project, because I had to pull the fabric and tuck it under the chair, but not too tight because you want the foam to be nice and plump! I wish I had a few more to do, because by chair #2 I had it down!

I hope you try it!