DIY: Customized Rug

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New Project: DIY Rug

I’ve seen several rugs done on Pinterest that I have absolutely loved. But I will say this is a project for people that like to measure. I am not a big fan of perfection, and this was definitely not a perfect rug! But it was a lot of fun to at least try for my first one! (Next time I’ll measure and put two runs of the tape – my roller was a little too big).

1. 4 x 5 Canvas Drop Cloth – lots of sizes are available, but I wanted to start small
2. Plastic Drop Cloth – thankful I got this
3. Red Fabric Paint – there are not a lot of options with fabric color paint. You could probably mix some though. I’ll have to try on the next one.
4. Painter’s tape – again different sizes, I chose a think one because I wasn’t sure on my design at the time.
6. Paint roller – I got the smallest they had for doors and cabinets
7. Pan – I had nothing to roll the paint in, and these are all of $1.

I looked up fabric painting for the drop cloth, and noticed that I needed to wash and dry the material. BUMMER. It was so long to wait now that I had decided to finally work on this project. 1 hour and a half later, it was good to go!

I ironed the fabric too, as you can tell in one of my pictures above. It needed it. I taped the fabric with the lines – again probably should have measured for straight lines, but who has time for that! I’m really glad that I used the plastic drop cloth, since it’s canvas it definitely will bleed through.

I used two coats of paint. And it had to dry for 4 hours.

But finally, I have a finished project, for under $20.

Problem is, now I want to make another one.