DIY: Porch Redo

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NEW PROJECT: Operation Porch

It was time to give my porch a little TLC. I thankfully have such a cool porch. It’s a great spot to just sit outside to enjoy a cup of coffee or to bring the party outside when I’m entertaining, so a nice clean  – this expands my tiny space!

First things first, I needed to give it a good cleaning. I threw away two tables that were rotting (embarrassing) and a few other boxes that were taking up space. With some Dawn liquid dish detergent, a scrub brush, bowl of water because I unfortunately do not have a hose outside, and some elbow grease, I got this puppy spotless (almost). There are a few small spots that did not budge after vigorous scrubbing, so I concluded there is always gray paint. I will circle back to finish it out if it really bothers me, but it looks so clean it’s amazing. Also, I’d like to add this was a really hot Nashville afternoon which helped me make that decision, but hey – I’m sure it was a great calorie burn I’m sure as well.

Next on the to-do list, the table. This table is very sentimental to me, as it was actually from my freshmen dorm room. My roomie and I went to pick out our furniture, and I remember how excited we were that day 🙂 It was a steal from Big Lots, and did come with bar stools that are currently in my dad’s barn! I loved it outside, but it did not fair where in the Nashville humidity. So time for an updo!


1. Contact paper– I chose yellow
2. Ruler or something similar – I would suggest this, after completing my project, to help smooth the paper down.

I ordered some yellow contact paper from Amazon, and I covered it with two strips. It did bubble a little (ergo the ruler addition to the supplies), but I still love it!

I have a few tables that were my grandparents that I inherited, and I had not really found a great place for them yet. Why not paint them bright red?! Things I needed for the part of the project:


1. Rustoleum’s apple red – this was a perfect shade.
2. A small rug or blanket – you will see what I used in the picture. I would not opt for felt in the future, but you do need something to spray on so you don’t get it all over you grass
3. Patience!!! This is spray paint we are talking about!

I was much better with my spray paint this time. With a total of three light coats, I totally nailed my desired shade. And I did wait until each coat had dried, about 45 mins apart. The paint finish is perfect and the color really pops on my porch!

Then, all I needed to pull it all together was a rug. World Market just so happened to be having a sale, so I hopped in the car (thank goodness I didn’t see anyone that I knew) and found one that had a few colors that went with everything.

BOOM! Project complete (minus, if I paint the floor of course).