Getting Creative in the Pantry

OrganizingwithMasonJarsThe other morning I was awake way before my alarm was set to go off, so I was trying to find something interesting on TV. I wish I could remember what the promotion or infomercial was even for, but they gave me a great idea for organization in my tiny pantry. They had an entire row of mason jars full of dry products, like rice, grains, flour, etc.

I really love that you can see what’s in the jars and how much is left. I can’t ever seem to find a bag clip after I’m used part of a package or rice or flour. Or,  more often than not, when I am ready to reuse my package, I always manage to spill half the contents all over my kitchen.

I have seen ideas like this on Pinterest before, but the fact you don’t have the directions right there always made me pass over the idea. But- these kids on TV had a cute way to put the directions on the mason jars by tying the notecards right on! Brilliant!

I already had the mason jars, twine and note cards – so this project was free! And, I love being able to see what is in the jar. I think if I do this project again, I might want stick on labels or smaller cards. But they do look super cute in my pantry.

There’s tons of variations for this project too! Be creative! Here are a few more ideas I enjoyed reading too: