The Forgotten Food | Jim & Nicks Biscuits

Ok – here’s my first recipe to meet this challenge of The Forgotten Food | A Meal. It’s incredibly easy, but it still counts!

The Forgotten Food: Jim & Nicks Biscuits

These biscuits are only one of the best appetizers out there. I can down about 50 of these in a sitting, but for some surprising reason, I had some left over! This morning, I was craving a fried egg sandwich, however, there was absolutely no bread to be found in this apartment. I opened my fridge defeated and settling for milk and cereal when there they were on the top shelf – staring at me. Why not use them? And just like that, a forgotten food meal was born.


  • Two Fresh Eggs
  • Three Leftover Jim & Nicks cheese biscuits
  • Sprinkle of Salt

I threw the biscuits in the microwave and heated up my frying pan. All in all this meal took  about a 7 minutes. And voila – a new way to eat the biscuits AND my belly is full! I don’t get any points for presentation here, as I tried to cook my eggs too quickly and one yolk busted up before it was done. Devastating. BUT, I can assure you that it tasted fantastic.

A little bit of sweet with my eggs was just right.

The Forgotten Food | A Meal

I love to cook.

Big, daring meals. Fattening, wholesome meals. I also fall prey to healthy and organic kicks, and maybe even a juice craze from time to time. While it’s all fun, I’ve noticed two habitual trends that I have developed.

I over – buy.

There, I have said it! The problem starts in the grocery store.  I make lists, but I always somehow fill up my gargantuan grocery cart. Even if I grab a little basket, I’m panting and switching arms going down the aisles because I’ve maxed it out on space and weight.

I am obviously terrible at meal planning and/or portion control!

Then, I always seem to cook way too much rice, have leftover chicken for DAYS, went a little too happy with a buy one get one deal, etc. And there it is, staring at me every time I open the fridge or pantry.

Or, if I really love something, I might just eat 90% of it, leaving behind only remnants of yumminess lingering in the sides of my dish. But, so now what do I do with these leftovers? Leave them in my fridge until I finally have to toss them? Continue to push them back in my pantry until they are hiding from my site? Who wants to eat the same thing for 3 dinners straight. Not this girl!

I hate wasting food. I’m a faithful member at the clean plate club – maybe because I don’t like to be wasteful or maybe because I hate seeing dollars going in the trash can. But, there is only so many times a girl can ENJOY a meal she’s had every night this week.

So, I’m challenging myself to one night a week to make something from my leftovers. I’m calling it – The Forgotten Food: A Meal. One meal that I cook that week HAS to have some leftovers in it – whether it be food forgotten in the fridge or pushed back in the pantry. Maybe I was in a hurry in the grocery store, and don’t have everything I need for my meal, so I have to get a little creative.  Maybe I have some left over Mac and Cheese that I’ve eaten every night that week, and it’s time to change it up. It may be made from a microwave, oven or stove top, but it has to be a meal made from things I already have. Y’all have to hold me to it!

Let’s see what I can create! This should be interesting!

Project: Cute Barstools

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Now that I have this cute kitchen in my new apartment, I wanted to give my bar stools a little update. I’ve seen a few people cover their chairs on Pinterest and loved it! The biggest decision I found was to pick out the fabric! This project is a little tedious but incredibly easy if you have a staple gun. I already had these super cute bar stools that fit perfectly in my small space, but I wanted to give them a little more character with a pretty piece of fabric…and make them a little more comfortable too!

Supplies needed:

  • Cute Fabric
  • Old Bar stools
  • Staple Gun
  • Foam (I used a mattress pad and cut it up)

I visited Joanna’s Fabric store – another dangerous store for my little DIY heart – and the fabric I feel in love with was of course on sale that day! DONE! It’s a pretty thick fabric, which I also used to cover the ottoman in my bedroom. I spent a total of $90 on the fabric (I know – a little expensive) BUT again I’ve used it on multiple projects! The bar stools I was re-doing were in my Nashville apartment already, so that was no cost to me at all. I found a foam mattress pad in Walmart (on special markdown) for $7. Although that was much more foam than I needed, I wanted to allow for mistakes and decided I could probably make a few pillows out of the leftovers! I borrowed my dad’s staple gun, and after a few practice tries I had it all figured out.

*Side note – I did have a little trouble when I tried to reload the staple gun. I called my dad and I told him I broke it. Have I told you guys I can be a bit dramatic? After finding a YouTube video, I discovered I had loaded the staples in backwards. After another call to my parents and a few good laughs, I turned the staples around to their correct position, and was ready to continue stapling!

This was a pretty tedious project, because I had to pull the fabric and tuck it under the chair, but not too tight because you want the foam to be nice and plump! I wish I had a few more to do, because by chair #2 I had it down!

I hope you try it!


Stuck on Food: Gnocchi with Thanksgiving Leftovers!

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Thanksgiving = family time and fantastic food! I absolutely love Thanksgiving. My mom sent a email about two weeks before wanting to know what two dishes was wanted. I requested broccoli salad and macaroni and cheese. YUM! After all the Thanksgiving festivities are over, we had a ton of leftovers. It looked like we didn’t even put a dent in the food! But with stuffed bellies all around, I know we did some damage 🙂

So what do you do with the leftovers? I found this recipe, from The Art of Doing Stuff blog, that looked super easy and yummy. So, I decided to give it a whirl!

Sauce Ingredients:
(** I used a lot of leftovers that were in the fridge, so I’m not sure on the measurements. Just make it taste good!)

  • Leftover cherry tomatoes – I had about 1/2 a container and I cut up all of them
  • 1 can Campbell’s tomato sauce
  • Leftover chopped red and green peppers – together I had about 3/4 a cup
  • 1/2 onion – chopped
  • Oregano (really any Italian spices would help!)

This is easy – cook the onion with some olive oil first over medium heat. Once the onion is translucent, add the tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, and peppers. Turn down the temperature to low, and let it simmer while you are making your gnocchi. Once you are about ready to serve, add the spices and some salt! DONE! Not a hard recipe, but it’s homemade and tastes better than plain ol’ store bought sauce!

Gnocchi Ingredients:

  • Leftover mashed potatoes – I used 2 cups
  • Williams Sonoma Gluten Free Flour – I used almost 1 cup. Make sure you are paying attention to your dough. You don’t want it too sticky, but you don’t want it too tough either! I sprinkled a little more once I was really working with my dough.
  • 1 egg – which you want to beat before adding to the mixture
  • Salt

I asked my mom to help me with some pictures this time, so hopefully I can explain how I did it. Do look at the blog I posted above too – their pics are amazing and super helpful! Basically you make the mixture, you separate it out to make it more manageable, and then you cut your gnocchi. Super easy – don’t add too much flour, and you can’t mess this up!

Start with 1/2 the flour on your working surface – I put down a sheet of freezer paper. Dump the potatoes right on top. Then, make a little well for your egg. Add the egg and sprinkle (or two) of salt. Dump the rest of your flour over the well and get to mixing! I didn’t have a dough scraper, so I used my hands – just as easy. I had to use more flour on my hands though. Separate the finished dough out to workable pieces. You will want to roll them out into a log, cut, and then create your shape. I used a fork to give the gnocchi some ridges so the sauce would stick. After you make the gnocchi, add to boiling water and wait for them to float.

When I did a test taste, I wanted just a little more flavor for the gnocchi, so I melted some butter and tossed them in it. Who is counting calories anyway? It’s Thanksgiving people? Next time, I would definitely pan fry them with a little butter right after they are done in the boiling water. Since you might not want a lot of gnocchi, I want them to be as rich in flavor as possible.

I plated the gnocchi and added the sauce on top. Overall – fantastic! Mom and I both cleaned our plates. I’m still waiting to hear if my Dad actually liked it or not. He’s not as adventurous with food, but if he likes it you know you’ve hit a home run!

I pinned a few more ideas for what to do you with your leftovers – check them out!