Project: Making Furniture Beach Friendly | Part 3

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One centerpiece from my old apartment was my black leather ottoman. I love this piece because it has hidden storage inside, where I can keep my bed sheets and extra blankets inside.  And, I wanted to use it in my bedroom in front of my windows. But, the black had to go!

Time for a new project!

I used my same fabric from my bar stool project to cover this piece.

Supplies needed:

  • Cute Fabric
  • Ottoman
  • Staple Gun w/ Staples

This project was a little time consuming, but as I tediously pulled and tucked the fabric to staple, I really got the hang of it! I did flip the ottoman on it’s top to get a better staple for a few places, and I had to be careful to cut around the hinges so that top would lay down flat.

Many a staple later, it looks completely different and I love it!


Project: Cute Barstools

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Now that I have this cute kitchen in my new apartment, I wanted to give my bar stools a little update. I’ve seen a few people cover their chairs on Pinterest and loved it! The biggest decision I found was to pick out the fabric! This project is a little tedious but incredibly easy if you have a staple gun. I already had these super cute bar stools that fit perfectly in my small space, but I wanted to give them a little more character with a pretty piece of fabric…and make them a little more comfortable too!

Supplies needed:

  • Cute Fabric
  • Old Bar stools
  • Staple Gun
  • Foam (I used a mattress pad and cut it up)

I visited Joanna’s Fabric store – another dangerous store for my little DIY heart – and the fabric I feel in love with was of course on sale that day! DONE! It’s a pretty thick fabric, which I also used to cover the ottoman in my bedroom. I spent a total of $90 on the fabric (I know – a little expensive) BUT again I’ve used it on multiple projects! The bar stools I was re-doing were in my Nashville apartment already, so that was no cost to me at all. I found a foam mattress pad in Walmart (on special markdown) for $7. Although that was much more foam than I needed, I wanted to allow for mistakes and decided I could probably make a few pillows out of the leftovers! I borrowed my dad’s staple gun, and after a few practice tries I had it all figured out.

*Side note – I did have a little trouble when I tried to reload the staple gun. I called my dad and I told him I broke it. Have I told you guys I can be a bit dramatic? After finding a YouTube video, I discovered I had loaded the staples in backwards. After another call to my parents and a few good laughs, I turned the staples around to their correct position, and was ready to continue stapling!

This was a pretty tedious project, because I had to pull the fabric and tuck it under the chair, but not too tight because you want the foam to be nice and plump! I wish I had a few more to do, because by chair #2 I had it down!

I hope you try it!