Finger lickin’ good, but roasted! 

I’m on a health kick. At least, I’m trying to be on one. As of 12:40pm, I’ve downed 1/2 my water intake. Eggs for breakfast, and a Mediterranean Quinoa Salad for lunch.

Normally, when I meal plan or make salads at home, I always leave off the meat. Maybe because I felt like it takes so long to cook it safely, or it was more expensive. I usually opt for frozen but ready to microwave chicken, or even a rotisserie from the deli. No more!

This was SO EASY. I think this idea stemmed from a Tasty video, but I can’t remember! Regardless, I purchased three chicken organic chicken breasts from my local grocery store. I washed them and placed them in a roasting pan, and then poured about two tablespoons of EVOO on top. I sprinkled salt and pepper over each one, followed by dried thyme. I also chopped up a few fresh herbs from my garden for the top.  The pan went in at 7:43 am at 400 degrees and 25 mins later – I had beautifully cooked chicken. I did want the tops to be a little browner, so I turned my oven on broil for 2 min. Perfection! I let them rest and cool before storing in the fridge. 

I packed one for a topping to my quinoa salad for a quick lunch. It was slightly too much, so I’ll know to only do half the breast slices for the next lunch bag! But the flavors were great with the feta, olives, peppers and quinoa. And, I feel like I did pretty good with the calorie count too!
Off to drink some more water 😬 And, more pics on the next post. I devoured the chicken before it ever crossed my mind! 

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