We built a wall…fence


I’m a little delayed on this post, maybe a lot delayed. But, here it is! I – or we – built a fence!


First, let’s start with the planning.

I have learned ALL about HOA’s. Ever heard of them? Me either, but it’s my homeowner’s association for my street. They make the rules and enforce them. And, they are who you submit your changes/ improvements for your home. And they make sure that your improvements fit within regulations. It was a little bit of a headache, but after some back and forth, I understood my property line, and was approved!


Next, I had to “call before I dig.” Don’t forget this part. You don’t want to electrocute yourself, cut your cable line, or upset the neighbors by cutting their line.

My father was a huge help with this project too. We researched best practices for building a fence,  watched countless YouTube videos about fences, and searched for the best time to buy the lumber and supplies.  It was literally all we talked about until we were ready to build.


  • Lumber – Dog Eared Fence Pickets
  • Posts
  • Wood Nails
  • Quikrete
  • String
  • Post hole digger
  • Easy gate bracket kit

I did hire a landscaping company to help clear out the old shrubs and growth, and they finished the project with beautiful grass.

I’m so happy with my fence. And Dad and I did two gates for the fence – in case I need to unload anything else, the second fence is a full 8 ft wide.


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