Another Update | #30at30

Tick, tock. Time to update that #30at30 list. I turn 31 in July, so the clock is winding down on my goals. I forgot about a few of these too, so it’s always nice for a quick refresher.

30.Freshen up on Spanish. Since I made the rules on this challenge, I checking this one off the list! I practiced my vocal and verb conjugations with a few Spanish apps. I also watched two Netflix show completely in Spanish (with subtitles), so I feel that was great challenge: Velvet & the Grand Hotel. I definitely recommend them!

29. Recreate my family tree. So far, this is incredibly time consuming. And, I haven’t really started. 

28. Go to 10 new restaurants.

27. Learn to swim, better. Saving this for when the water is a bit warmer.

26. Learn CPR.

25. Sell something. I’m working on my artwork again, so maybe I could do some commission work.

24. Write more. I’m reading more, for sure. Let’s put in the still working on this list.

23.Set & achieve networking goals. 

22. Become a connoisseur of something  – coffee & tea. This has become a really fun challenge. Every two to three weeks, I’ve made a conscious effort to pick out a coffee or tea that I have never tried, from different countries and different variations! Right now, I’m enjoying a cup of Allegro’s Kenya Grand Cru – which has hints of red wine, blackberry, currant and citrus.  Whole Foods just opened here locally, and I found their short Guide to to Coffee very helpful. 

21. Treat myself to something expensive and pay for it in cash. This probably is not what you might consider a treat; but, since buying my new home, I have focused my attention on my backyard. It’s is completely overgrown, and the previous owner basically had heaps of pine straw everywhere where grass should be. First item on the list was to chop down the dead pine trees.  I wrote a check and handed it to them that day!

20.Celebrate something, somewhere else. I celebrated helping raise $12,000 for an event in Inlet Beach. I had to drive 20 minutes so it’s counting for now!

19. Start a collection.  I’m deleting/changing this one… I don’t want more junk. So, #19 has been edited to Learning to Live with Less. During Lent this year, I removed one piece of clothing per day. It was harder than I thought, but I like this challenge. Consider this one a continual process.

18. Plant a tree. My dad found a cute tea olive, so I can’t wait to plant this the next time they are here! 1/2 way completed.

17. Attend 5 4 art exhibits.

  • Vi LaLa Galleries

16. Complete a 30 day challenge.

15. Do something that scares me.

14.Transition my 20 year old closet to my 30 year old closet. 

13. Plan a road trip.

12. Plan for a retirement. YIKES, I need to get on this, stat.

11. Get a bonus at work. WHOOP WHOOP! I just found out!

10. Create a scrapbook. I think this was my dumbest goal. Scrapbooking is hard. Just because you are artsy/craftsy, doesn’t mean making a scrapbook is going to be a piece of cake. I attempted this a few different times, and have opted to make myself take more pictures, upload them and print at the end of the year. This one is nixed. 

9. Plan a big trip. Currently, planning a fall trip to either Denver or Buffalo, NY!

8. Get in shape. I’m not where I want to be, but I’m better than where I was when this challenge started. I have been very regular with my workouts. It’s time to start upping the intensity so I can see results!

7.Create a morning routine.  I’ve been pretty consistent with this one. I make up my bed, drink coffee, check personal emails, read something for myself – like a encouraging blog, check my money, and sometimes do a quick workout before hopping in the shower and/or getting ready for the day. It helps to get up earlier. 

6. Go on a SUP adventure.  DONE! My best friend Jeri and I went out on the Destin Harbor, and it was so much fun. We were not great, but we didn’t fall in either! 

5. Take four two classes: one weird, one professional, one cooking and one social (like etiquette).

  • Weird – Aerial Pilates
  • Professional : SEO Marketing class & Google Analytics Class

4. Visit somewhere I’ve never been before.

3. Go to church, regularly.

2. Pay off all CC Debt. I’M SO CLOSE!!

1. Buy a place to live and set up a home.  DONE!!!!

I’m going to print this list off, and put it on my fridge. These goals were important to me when I started this post, and maybe I just need a constant reminder, so that I can complete this! Wish me luck 🙂

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