Ok people. Now that I’ve accepted I am officially 30, I’ve come up with a few goals for myself. After some research and soul searching, I’ve come up with my list of thirty things I want to happen in my 30th year. I’ve seen a few people do a challenge like this, so why not?!

I have 365 days (yes, it is July 27, but it’s a leap year) to complete the below list, and hopefully I can mark them all off by my deadline. Some are easy, but necessary, and some are a bit more challenging. Some are really silly. But, everything on this list is something that I want to do!

30. Freshen up on my Spanish.

  • I took Spanish in high school and in college, but sadly I can’t remember a lick of it.

29. Recreate my family tree.

  • I want to learn about my heritage. I know my mom worked on it some, so there’s a start.

28. Go to 10 new restaurants.

27. Learn to swim better. (I live at the beach. This needs to happen.)

26. Learn CPR.

25. Sell something.

24. Write more.

  • I have a degree in English, for Pete’s sake!
  • And, I need to not be so hard on my creative side. So what if it isn’t perfect, just create it!

23. Set networking goals.

  • I feel like I go to all these events, but I’m not meeting anyone. Time to start introducing myself and actually TALK and GET TO KNOW others.

22. Become a connoisseur of something….first thoughts are coffee, wine or cheese. More to come!

21. Treat myself to something expensive and pay for it in cash.

20. Celebrate something, somewhere else.

19. Start a collection. (I’m open for ideas!)

18. Plan a tree.

  • Bonus: plant an herb garden.

17. Attend 5 art exhibits.

16. Complete a 30 day challenge.

15. Do something that scares me.

14. Transition my 20 year old closet to my 30 year old closet.

13. Plan a road trip.

12. Plan for a retirement.

11. Get a bonus at work.

10. Create a scrapbook.

9. Plan a big trip.

8. Get in shape.

7. Create a morning routine.

  • For starters, get up early.
  • Another plus – working out!

6. Go on a SUP adventure.

  • Again, I live at the beach. This needs to happen daily, but let’s start at one for now.

5. Take four classes: one weird, one professional, one cooking and one social (like etiquette).

4. Visit somewhere I’ve never been before.

3. Go to church, regularly.

2. Pay off all CC Debt.

1. Buy a place to live and set up a home.

  • This is my number one as it’s the most challenging, the thing I talk about the most, and definitely the MOST EXPENSIVE on the list.
  • With this one, comes a check mark of throwing a housewarming party. It’s an expected thing for me, so I’m not putting it as a number, but something that needs to be completed!

TaDa!! That’s my #30at30 list. I hope you will check back in as I start checking things OFF the list. I’ve already been pinning a few ideas!

Have any of you very had a list like this? More ideas?

By the way…Hello, thirty. You are lovely 😊

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