Stuck on Food: Easter Cake

I’m a little late on posting this one. But, I made an Easter cake this year! My parents decided to come to my apartment for Easter, so we went to church and then had a big meal of ham, corn, butter beans, rolls, and a very special Easter cake!

I not really a baker. But, I’m trying to challenge myself in the kitchen more this year, so why test my decorating skills on this cake too?! I ran out of time that week, and opted for a cake mix from the grocery store, instead of making from scratch. I planned for a 3 layered yellow cake, and chose whipped vanilla icing for the layers and top. I also bought some beautiful candied pearls to decorate the top.

The baking part was easy. I whipped together all of my ingredients and threw three separate pans of batter inside! Once I had my beautiful yellow cake layers baked and cooled, I was ready to start icing.

Note to self: you have to cut the top of the layers a little to make them flat. Cakes rise, but they don’t really rise evenly. I had never really thought about that, but I’ve never made a 3 layered cake! The first layer I had already iced and plopped down layer 2 on top before I realized this, so the cake was a bit lopsided. Who cares 😉

The next layer was much more successfully placed. But, still a little lopsided. <I’m sure there is some creative quote about foundations that would be appropriate here.>

The icing of the cake was pretty fun. It was a lot like painting, very relaxing. Then, it was time to decorate. I alternated with candy pearls, with white in the center, and color pearls all around the outside.

Another note to self: My cake did not fit inside my display platter and topper. AND, to make matters worse, I didn’t realize what I had done until it was too late. Thank goodness I took a picture before I smushed my cake. We ate it anyway, and it was delicious.

Easter Cake

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