Christmas Printables

For some reason this year, I have become a last minute present wrapper?!

As you know I’m a Black Friday shopper, so I usually start wrapping as soon as I get back – since I so strategically make sure I have all my Christmas shopping complete.  But, I just have put it off, and put it off, and now here I am on Christmas Eve with unwrapped presents. EEK! I don’t know where my time went, but it’s crunch time!  I found these adorable and funny Christmas gift tags on Pinterest, and I’m obsessed!

In case you are interested, they are on The Happy Tulip – which is a super cute blog that I’ve searched around on as well. Check it out, and I have the links below back to the site in case you want to check out the printable – which are free!

How cute! And, the perfect way to make my presents a little cuter… as I quickly tape on wrapping paper and bows that don’t match! They are just what I needed to make my Christmas presents Merry & Bright!

Thank you, The Happy Tulip, for saving the day.

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