Hilarious Video Series | Drunk Kitchen

Have y’all ever watched Drunk Kitchen?

If you have tried to cook after having too much wine, beer, etc., it is for you! Maybe you have come home starving after socializing at a happy hour or party? Or, maybe you were on the beach all day with margaritas, only to crave something to eat? I’m not sure how long it’s been around, so, many of you may have watched it before. But regardless, it will make you smile! I cannot help but laugh out loud with this series.

I picked this particular one out of the series because:

#1 – It’s Mac and Cheese, everyone’s favorite!
#2 – The language in this one is probably the most family friendly…I really wish you could bleep on this thing! Forgive me for the few dirty words!!!

One thought on “Hilarious Video Series | Drunk Kitchen

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