Project: Coffee Table


I have searched everywhere for a coffee table. Everywhere. Who knew such a small piece of furniture was so expensive? Since I didn’t feel like forking out a ton of money, nor could I find anything I remotely liked, I decided I would just build one.

This also meant I had to buy a drill. Squeal! Off to Home Depot!

Project: Coffee Table

Home Depot has everything you need to build a coffee table. Really – with just a couple of pieces of wood – you are all set!

Here is my list of supplies:

  • Drill – I picked a Ryobi (more to come on this)
  • One Sheet of Plywood – straight off the shelf at Home Depot
  • 4 Legs – there is a section in Home Depot with pre-made little legs. So nifty!
  • A Variety of Screws – I sent my dad back to Home Depot, because we realized our screws in the bracing boards were going to be too long to connect to the plywood and go through the top!
  • 4 Heavy Duty Top Plates – same thing, check those screws!
  • Wood glue – what a miracle product!
  • 2 by 4s cut to frame the table (for additional support)
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Paint – I chose chalk paint from Michaels!

This was the hardest project I’ve done so far, and I’ll admit I had some help from my dad. Maybe a lot of help! I wanted to make sure I had my new drill all set up correctly, so I even let him drill too.  We laid down how the bracing boards would go and marked with a pencil all over the underside of the table, so we could drill the top plates in the right spots. Just remember- no one will see that side and always measure twice!

I glued the bracing board frame to the table, and then drilled screws to connect the bracing boards to the plywood as well, just to make sure it did not fall apart. I love this Wood Glue stuff, but you can never be too careful with a DIY project 🙂

Next, I added the top plates, so that the legs could screw into that. Easy! After it was all put together, I put decided to put a coat of white matte paint on it. But, I wasn’t quite finished yet…it was just too white and a tad boring.

After my white coat dried, I began taping off lines to create simple stripes running the length of the table and alternated shades of green and blue throughout. The lines dried a little darker than I wanted, so I sanded them down a little and followed up with more white matte using the dry brushing technique.

Now, the lines are more like subtle little pops of color. I love it!


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