Help! My car seats are WET!

With the scorching temperatures yesterday,I decided it would be a great idea to leave my windows cracked. Every time I got in my car, it wasn’t as bad as I could have been. I was so proud of myself, as my car quickly cooled in the blaring AC.

Until this morning…

I ran down to my car, running late for work, I threw my purse in the passenger seat and hopped in, only to quickly hop right back out in horror and confusion. Was this an ALS ice bucket trick?!

I quickly remembered we had a terrible thunderstorm last night, and I guess I forgot to roll up my windows. What a surprise!

Any tips on cleaning it/drying it?

I have my windows down today in the hopes that will help dry it out. And thankfully I had a towel in my car, though my backside was a little damp as I walked into work.

Ugh!! If you have any other tips, leave in the comments below!

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