Project: Making Furniture Beach Friendly | Part 3

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One centerpiece from my old apartment was my black leather ottoman. I love this piece because it has hidden storage inside, where I can keep my bed sheets and extra blankets inside.  And, I wanted to use it in my bedroom in front of my windows. But, the black had to go!

Time for a new project!

I used my same fabric from my bar stool project to cover this piece.

Supplies needed:

  • Cute Fabric
  • Ottoman
  • Staple Gun w/ Staples

This project was a little time consuming, but as I tediously pulled and tucked the fabric to staple, I really got the hang of it! I did flip the ottoman on it’s top to get a better staple for a few places, and I had to be careful to cut around the hinges so that top would lay down flat.

Many a staple later, it looks completely different and I love it!


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