Project: Making Furniture Beach Friendly | Part 2

Now about this super cute red couch. My first thought was to sell it. But y’all, I have had this thing since I was in grad school, and it has held up through every move and still looks as good as the day I bought it. Well, with maybe just a little love. I decided I just couldn’t part with it.

So, I started researching a few options of couch covers. Even though I love this couch, I knew the red was going to be way too loud for my beach theme.

Enter the solution: Sure Fit (check them out here). I choose this one because my little couch has separated pillows for the seat. It was a little big, but I pulled it super tight and tucked any extra into the main section and placed the seat pillows on top.

I ordered two new pillows from The Next Sew Around on Etsy – check her out here. I picked out the blue crab pillows- and absolutely love them. They are the perfect size for my small couch!

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Time to work on those red pillows! What to do….

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