Scrabble: Part 2

Time for Scrabble, Part 2. (In case you missed it, here is Part 1.)

Next up, the board.

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After way too much brainstorming on what would be best as the actual board, I bought a canvas drop cloth. The measurements were pretty tight for 15 rows x 15 columns of my painted tiles, but I just decided to use right up to the end of the canvas for my board. I knew my mom would appreciate it being handmade, which was a great excuse for it being such a tight fit with the tiles! I ironed the creases so that the canvas would lay flat, and I was hoping I would also have a little more room for my tight squeeze.

Another dilemma, should I paint lines for the squares on the board? After consulting my talented artist friend, Kelly, we decided it would be ok to paint the squares only, and not worry with the lines. I used masking tape to run my “lines” so I could paint on top, and pull it up once the paint dried for nice sharp edges for the squares!

I had all the colors ready to use for painting the squares: brown, red, blue, light blue and pink. After figuring out which colors went where, I had the whole thing painted! It was a little time consuming, but by the end I had it all figured out. I did get off on one of my light blue squares, but since I was using acrylic paint, it was easy to cover up.

I added one more personal touch with “Nana’s Scrabble” at the bottom, and cut a little of the extra canvas off the top. Then, I used a permanent maker to write what each colored squared would score, and of course the star on the middle pink square. I added a dry erase board and makers for our score board, and a bag to keep track of all the tiles to pass around during the game.

Voila – a beautiful handmade board and my biggest DIY undertaking to date! Merry Christmas, Mom!

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