Review: Tanastacia Spray Tan

How many of you have passed by Tanastacia on 8th Avenue, and wanted to go in? This girl is raising her hand high. And now, finally, I have gotten to go inside and try it out for myself!

For our big awards week, I decided to wear a short dress with a low back too. This girl’s pale winter skin that has not seen the sun for a few months just needed a little boost. I wanted people looking at the dress, not my veins! Insert Tanastacia. They are closed on Sundays and Mondays, so you do need to time this right in your calendar. They do take appointments though (which is what our group did)!

I’ll ask another question – how many of you have ever been sprayed by someone? This was a first for me. I’ve only been in booths for sunless tanning, but this was quite entertaining. Even though I didn’t get to wear a lot of clothes and it was quite chilly, my girl made me feel very comfortable. Besides feeling like an idiot with those poses, it was not too bad! My appointment was about 30 minutes – pretty quick for a great tan!

**I waited to post this to see how long it actually lasted. I have to say I did not notice any spots until a good two weeks! It looked really natural and even. I was very pleased, got a lot of compliments on my skin at the awards show, and definitely recommend this shop!

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